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Mergatroyd Web Design - Winner of Green Solutions and Outstanding Performance 2012 at Thurrock's Next Top Boss Awards

About Mergatroyd Web Design

Hi, I'm Vanessa and I am the proud creator of Mergatroyd Web Design. People often ask me how I got into Web Design, and my first answer is that I just love technology and it was something that caught my interest when I was 14.

I went on to study ICT at GCSE and fell even more in love with the technology world, which is where I decided that Web Design was going to be my life.

I then went to study ICT at college, at which I gained the highest mark for the college in my first year for ICT and having gained my A2 results I am now positive that the technology world is for me.

It was towards the end of 2011 that I signed up for Thurrock's Next Top Boss. Here I decided to set up the foundations for Mergatroyd Web Design. With the intention to have my own Web Design company when I am older I saw this as a perfect, once in a lifetime opportunity to gain knowledge and advice from some of the best people from the best companies based in the local area. It was here that I went about setting up the basic areas of Mergatroyd Web Design. The work that I completed was collected together and sent to the judges, who went on to make me the winner of one of the main challenges, Green Solutions, as well as the winner for Outstanding Performance throughout the project.

Next I look forward to starting University in September 2012 where I have secured a place to study Web Technology. This should help me to gain a greater understanding of Web Design and the possibilities which I can then go on to offer businesses.

I'm always up for a challenge, no project is too big or small, I'm dedicated and passionate and strive to learn more and more which will help me in achieving what I want from life. Technology has no limits, so why should I?


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